Rediff Mail Solutions (Reliable Mail Services)

Rediffmail Enterprise Pro: Benefits & Advantages:-

Private Label Branding / Complete Corporate identity of your own organization:

  • Web URL like and e-mail ids based under your organization own corporate identity.
  • Customizable login interface with display of your corporate logo and Website link.
  • Provides your Network of people with a unique email id.
  • Complete Admin Control
  • Reliability – Email Solution with 99.99% uptime since 7 years.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer
  • No hardware, No software requirements for installation.
  • Dedicated and Updated Anti Viruses and Anti Spam filters

Brand new Spacious Inboxes

  • Upto 25GB Mailbox Space per user.


  • Manage your time better by scheduling events, meeting requests and setting reminders.

Send SMS from your PC

  • You can send SMS to any phone number in India from your Rediffmail inbox for free! Replies from the phone cost the normal SMS rates.

Attachment Size

  • Upto 25 MB


  • Spend your time efficiently by keeping multiple tabs open. As you write a new mail, you can open a tab to refer to an older email received, or mails in a folder, or continue with an SMS Chat.

POP, SMTP, HTTP support:

  • Works with most third party POP/SMTP based email clients.

File Storage feature:

  • Helps you to upload and share documents more efficiently as compared to sending heavy attachments.
  • A huge amount of file storage space is offered without any additional charge.

E-Mail Archival:

    • Archive or Backup user e-mail communications.
    • Safeguard against data-loss due to PC/Laptop crashes.
    • Get a copy of either Incoming or Outgoing E-Mails of users and thereby monitor their activities

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